Micro-movement device employing impact force of piezo-electric and electrostrictive element


PURPOSE: To make the title device compact and highly efficient, by a method wherein a moving body and a piezo-electric and electrostrictive element for the moving body are provided to provide an inertia body providing said moving body with an impact force by the driving of said element. CONSTITUTION: A micro-movement device is constituted of a piezo-electric and electrostrictive element 11, generating an impact force, a moving body 12, fixed to one end of the element 11, an inertia body 13, fixed to the other end of the same element, a base 14, and the friction surface 4a of the base 14. When an electric field is applied on the piezo-electric and electrostrictive element 11, a strain is generated and a stress, contracting or elongating the element 11 to a length determined by the electric field, is generated while the impact force is generated by the inertia body 13, operated in accordance with the stress, whereby the movement of micro step may be effected. According to this constitution, the reaction of the impact force exceeds a friction force of the moving body 12 against the base 14, whereby the movement of the moving body 12 is generated and the micro movement may be effected. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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