Master hand device



(57)【要約】 【目的】スレーブ側チャック爪の駆動を電動機で行う場 合に、最初の開いた位置に効率よく復元でき、余分な強 度が不要な装置を提供する。 【構成】力信号を入力し、前記マスタレバーへの反力を 付与する電動機へのトルク指令を発生するトルク演算器 であって、前記力信号が目標把持力に達するまでは一定 の初期トルク指令値を発し、前記力信号が目標把持力に 達した後は力信号に比例するトルク指令値を発し、かつ スレーブ側チャック爪が開ききった状態を検知すると前 記一定の初期トルク指令値をゼロクリアするものを設け る。
PURPOSE: To improve the restoring efficiency even in the electric motor driving condition, and to make an excessive strength unnecessary, by restoring a master side to the original opening position by the initial instruction value of the master side, restoring a slave side also to the original opening position by receiving the initial instruction value at the master side, and making the initial instruction value zero together with the above restoration. CONSTITUTION: To the motor for driving a master hand, the instruction initial value of the torque instruction value is set to make a claw A9 and a claw B10 rotate in the direction (b) constantly. When an operator removes his fingers from the claw A9 and the claw B10, the claw A9 is rotated in the direction (b) until the angle to make the claw A9 in contact with a stopper 11. Then, the claw B10 is rotated also in the direction (b). generating torque operation unit of a driving motor receives the position signals of the condition opening the claw A9 and the claw B10, and detects that they are opened at specific angles. Depending on the detecting result, the instruction initial value is made zero. This rotating angle is regulated by the installing position of the stopper 11 on the upper surface of a base 3. COPYRIGHT: (C)1995,JPO




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