Corrosion-resisting evaporator for refrigerator



The utility model discloses a corrosion-resisting evaporator for refrigerator, comprising a heat exchanger plate (10) and an evaporation tube (20) connected with the surface of the heat exchanger plate (10). The whole annular outer surface of the tube wall (21) of the evaporation tube (20) is covered with a corrosion-resisting layer (22) which is formed into a composite layer with the tube wall (21), and the corrosion-resisting layer (22) is thermoplastic plastic or hot-melt adhesive. The beneficial effects of the corrosion-resisting evaporator for refrigerator are that the serious defect that refrigerant is leaked due to the perforation of the tube wall caused by the corrosion of the outer surface of the evaporation tube is eliminated completely, and the connection strength between the evaporation tube and the heat exchanger plate is raised; the corrosion-resisting evaporator for refrigerator has simple technology, energy saving, high production rate and no pollution; manufacturing cycle is shortened, cost is reduced, and quality is raised.




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