Head therapy fixing holder for radiation



The utility model discloses a head therapy positioning device for radiation, which is mainly composed of a base and a pillow support which is arranged in the base. The pillow support is composed of two symmetrical portions; after the two portions of the pillow support fold, the middle of the pillow support is concave, and the pillow support is provided with an adjusting bolt which is connected with two sides of the base. The head therapy positioning device for radiation is mainly used for the radiation therapy of the head and neck tumors; while in use, the right and left sides of the pillow support are made to flexibly move through regulating the bolt; the distance of the two portions of the pillow support can be regulated at any time according to the differences of the patient; the head therapy positioning device for radiation can not only accurately position, but also can conveniently operate, and the patient can not have uncomfortableness.




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