Electric hydraulic jack for vehicle use


  • Inventors: HUAJUN CHEN
  • Assignees: 陈华军
  • Publication Date: June 01, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2702985-Y


The utility model discloses an electric hydraulic jack for vehicle use, which can be carried and be used for lifting the vehicles during repair. The utility model comprises a soleplate with driving force for driving an oil pump and a piston rod inside of the oil cylinder to motion; the driving force is a DC permanent motor, and the oil pump is a gear oil pump, and the piston rod adopts a two-stage piston rod; a controllable check valve is provided between the gear oil pump and the oil cylinder, and the DC permanent motor drives the gear oil pump for making high-pressure oil flow towards a hydraulic oil cylinder via the controllable check valve to push the movement of the two-stage piston rod. The utility model has the characters of small volume, light weight, high lifting altitude, good stability, convenient use, convenient carryover, and high safety etc.




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