Vehicle mounted multifunctional combined drill


  • Inventors: HANLONG LIU
  • Assignees: 刘汉龙
  • Publication Date: May 11, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2698039-Y


The utility model of a vehicle mounted multifunctional combined drill belongs to an agricultural machinery. The back part of a rubber-tyred tractor is provided with a high-ordered top dressing device, the bottom is provided with 1-6 additional manuring funnels and a transmission shaft which transversally penetrates each additional manuring funnel. The ends of the transmission shaft are provided with tightly matching gearwheels which have transmission connection with the gearwheels on the back beam of the tractor by chains. The top dressing device is connected with a distribution tube to a ditching device by the additional manuring funnel. The gearwheels on the transmission shaft are connected with a sowing wheel by chains. The lower part of the planter is provided with a link span which drags an earth shovel. The back of the tractor pulls a trailer which loads a water tank, whose water outlet pipe connects with the distribution tube along the drag bar. The gearwheels on the back beam of the tractor movably fits the back beam of the tractor by a clutch yoke. The utility model has advantages that the drill can be driven and operated by one person, and the drill can complete procedures of seeding, fertilization, sprinkling etc. together, which enhances labor capacity.




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