Radiation system with multiple radiation assembly



The utility model relates to a heat rejection system with multiple heat rejection assemblies. The utility model comprises a fin sheet member, a heat exchanger tube group, a fan, heat conducting pipes and a heat source joint seat, wherein, the fin sheet member is composed of a plurality of paratactic fin sheet bodies; the heat exchanger tube group pass through each fin sheet body, the entry ends of the heat exchanger tube group can be connected with the exit end of a hydraulic pump, and the exit ends of the heat exchanger tube group can be connected with the entry end of the hydraulic pump; the fan is fixedly arranged at one side of the fin sheet member, and the air outlet direction can be pointed to the fin sheet member; the heat conducting pipes pass through each fin sheet body; the heat source joint seat is connected between the heat conducting pipes and a heat source, so the heat energy of the heat source can be fast transferred to each fin sheet body through the heat conducting pipes, and the fin sheet member can be carry out heat rejection by cold air which is blown by the fan and cooling liquid which is circulated in the heat exchanger tube group.




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