Suction type massor


  • Inventors: XINJUN CUI
  • Assignees: 崔新军
  • Publication Date: May 04, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2696611-Y


The utility model relates to a sexual article for adults, in particular to a suction type massor used by females, which is provided with a soft elastic rubber element. The utility model is characterized in that one end of the elastic rubber element is provied with a flare introduction ostium, which extends inwardly and is connected with an accommodation chamber. The accommodation chamber is connected with a discharge pipe which is externally connected with an extractpiston. The utility model adopts the vacuum negative-pressure tracting theory, and generates suctorial feel and effect through the variation of the pressure. The suction type massor is especially suitable for females to prove sexual life, and also can be used for sex health and treatment of sexual obstacle.




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