Water tank


  • Inventors: HAOLUN LIN
  • Assignees: 林活伦
  • Publication Date: April 27, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2695396-Y


The utility model provides a water tank. The water tank is characterized in that a tank port seat perforated a circular tube is installed on the tank port of a bottleneck shape; an internal plunger is arranged at the water inlet of the circular tube in the water tank; under a closed state, one face of the internal plunger provided with an inward convergence bayonet can just be plugged in the circular tube to close the tank port, and the other face provided with a side flange is fastened on the tail end of the water inlet of the circular tube. When the water tank is matched with an intelligent seat, the internal plunger automatically opens when the water tank is installed on the intelligent seat by being inverted; when the water tank is dismounted from the intelligent seat, the internal plunger automatically closes the tank port. Water in the water tank can not leak out and is not easy to pollute; the water tank can be circularly used.




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