Wood hollow plate material


  • Inventors: YONGWEI WU
  • Assignees: 吴勇为
  • Publication Date: April 13, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2691810-Y


The utility model discloses a wood hollow plate material as a packaging material, comprising at least a layer of composite wood corrugated plate. The composite wood corrugated plate is formed by stacking and pressing at least one wood thin layer and one fibre thin layer and at least the fibre direction of one fibre thin layer is crossed with the fibre direction of the wood thin layer. The utility model has good compression ductility and especially makes it possible that the once-shaping packaging product is manufactured with the pressure machine-shaping technology. It is difficult to make it for the paper corrugated plate, and although the plastic corrugated plate can make it, the plastic corrugated plate has complex technology, serious pollution and hard degradation. The utility model has simple manufacture technology and low cost, is an environment-friendly type wood hollow plate material and is suitably used as raw material to manufacture packaging boxes with the pressure machine-shaping technology.




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