A variable bicycle


  • Inventors: PINSHAN WEI
  • Assignees: 彭素兰
  • Publication Date: March 30, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2688593-Y


The utility model provides a variable bicycle; the bicycle frame of the body component is provided with bicycle elements, such as a handle bar, a wheel, a driving mechanism, a car hopper, a hand crank mechanism, etc. Four important key sectors of the turning, the handle bar, the drive and the wheel can be combined and arranged freely; 111 types of vehicles can be changed such as a front turning, a back turning, a double turning, no turning, a front handle bar, a back handle bar, no handle bar, a front drive, a back drive, an external drive, a cart, a tricar, a side tricycle, a trolley, a hand buggy, a wheelbarrow, etc. the utility model can also be made to intelligence toy and art gift.




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