Electrochromic glass



An electrochromic glass of the utility model belongs to the field of building material, comprising top and bottom two layers of a major and a minor glass substrates. The opposite side of the major and theminor glass is respectively coated with a transparent electro-conducting coating and connected with a printing power-supply line of the coating; an LCD coating is added between the two layers of glass substrates, and the external surfaces of the glass substrates are respectively stuck with a polaroid group whose polarizing axis interleaving is 90. The glass substrate is lined around with a plastic-aluminum bearer bar, and a glass substrate controller, a power-supply line connected with electrodes and a power plug. A power-supply controller is connected with one or a plurality of glass substrates simultaneously. The color shade of the electrochromic glass can be readily changed according to the will of human, the intensity of illumination outdoors and indoors and the variation of the ambient temperature, which can reduce the loss the indoor heat energy and realize the conservation of energy. The utility model can form moving images and subtitles when used in the glass curtain wall of architecture; when the electrochromic glass is used in cars, the driving safety is improved and a function of antitheft is provided.




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