• Inventors: SIYUAN LIU
  • Assignees: 刘思远
  • Publication Date: February 16, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2679033-Y


The utility model provides a flying umbrella which is provided with an umbrella body. A loading device is connected with the umbrella body through a rope below the umbrella body. Four venting holes are symmetrically arranged on the center of the umbrella surface of the umbrella body. Each venting hole is covered with a hole cover from the exterior, ropes are arranged on the lower parts of the hole covers, and the ropes on the lower parts of the hole covers are connected with the loading device. The umbrella body is overflowed by the airflow in flying, and the hole covers cover the venting holes through the pulling force of the ropes. When the flying umbrella needs to change the redirection, one hole cover is opened, and the flying umbrella can transport towards the relative side. The utility model has simple structure, convenient operation and great controlling directivity.




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