Scooter folding arrangement


  • Inventors: DINGXING CHEN
  • Assignees: 陈定兴
  • Publication Date: February 02, 2005
  • Publication Number: CN-2675528-Y


The utility model relates to a scooter folding structure, comprising a frame, a stand pipe and a quick-dismantling assembly. Two forked plates are arranged at the front end of the frame, and an insertion port and a lower positioning hole are arranged on the lower parts of the forked plates. The front upper ends of the forked plates are provided with a check rim, an upper positioning hole and a punch hole, and the oblique rod of the stand pipe is accommodated between the two forked plates. The lower section of the oblique rod is provided with an elongated slot, the lower part of which is provided with a positioning snap and a convex lug. When assembled, the frame corresponds to the elongated slot of the oblique rod of the stand pipe by the punch hole of the forked plates and penetrates to be pivoted by the quick-dismantling assembly, and the oblique rod corresponds to the lower or the upper positioning hole of the forked plates by the positioning snap and corresponds to the insertion port or the check rim of the forked plates by the convex lug of the oblique rod to be clamped, thereby, reaching the aim of erecting or folding. In the process of folding operation, the frame and the stand pipe are relatively positioned in the structure, therefore, the utility model can not swing to injure personnel or articles to obtain the virtue of convenient operation, authentic fixation and safety.




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